Waste disposal and treatment

There are many categories of waste, so much so that a European Waste Catalogue (CER) has been created to manage the different types and their disposal. CER codes are six-digit numerical sequences grouped in pairs (e.g. 17 02 03: plastic) to identify waste according to the production process from which it originated. These codes are divided between HAZARDOUS WASTE (they show an asterisk after the six digits) and NON-HAZARDOUS. The hazard is determined either by safety data sheets or laboratory analyses.
We specialize in the disposal of waste produced in:

Construction: tar sheaths, rock wool, asbestos, wood, garbage, etc.
Agricultural: empty phytopharmaceutical containers, sacconi, spent oil, filters and batteries, etc.
Mechanical: oil, filters, batteries, oily emulsions, scrap, absorbent materials, plastic, glass, etc.
Private and corporate: - local clearance and cleaning of abandoned materials and disposal; - Cutting plants, trimming and weeding; - Removal and disposal of trimmings and trimmings.


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