Asbestos removal

Silano Srl is registered in the environmental managers register in category 10/A and 10/B, then enabled to clean up any item containing asbestos, whether it in a compact or friable matrix. In addition, the registration of our company in category 5 authorizes us to the drill for the necessary final disposal. Our asbestos services are:

  • Analysis of the refusal: is used to determine whether asbestos fibres are present in the article in question, such as roofing plates, gaskets, tiles, flues, insulation, etc.
  • Analysis of the air:is an environmental sampling to verify if there are airborne asbestos fibres.
  • Remediation: removal (removal of manufacturing), confinement (creation of superstructures to confine asbestos fibres) and encapsulation (painting with vinyl resins of articles containing asbestos).
  • Drafting of the work plan:the documentation to be submitted to the competent ASL for authorisation at the start of the remediation work.
  • Construction of the construction site and provision of safety works: signs, boundaries, decontamination units, scaffolding, parapets, etc.
  • Loading and transport of asbestos with release of the documentation of disposal.

We can also handle situations where the material containing asbestos is on the ground, that is, it has fallen to the ground due to deterioration or natural disasters, abandoned to the ground by third parties or from self-removal.


Private citizens - homeowners - can personally carry out the removal of small quantities of material containing asbestos in a compact matrix (without addressing specialized firms and without asking for help from other subjects, such as family members, relatives, acquaintances...), must follow the operating procedures provided in the annex to the Resolution of the Regional Council no. 25-6899 of 18 December 2013.

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